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Eagle Summit – 2021 Summit Quest 300

Hey everyone!  Thanks for checking out dekesdogs.com, home of Nautique Sky Kennel and veterans of the two longest races in the world.  The Yukon Quest and the Iditarod.  


Race Season

2/5/22 – Yukon Quest 350 (Alaska) – 3rd Place – 75 Hours 41 Minutes

2/19/22 – Yukon Quest 300 – 5th Place (Canada)

3/5/2022 – Iditarod 1000 “50th Anniversary” – 29th Place

4/7/2022 – Kobuk 440 – Scratched (DNF)

All races should have the GPS trackers, making it lots of fun, and addictive to follow from home.  Can’t wait to have you join our team. Sponsor a dog, buy some booties, or if you are a business, get involved!

Thanks for following and lets do this together!  Join Nautique Sky and thank you for your support.