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Hey everyone!  Thanks for checking out dekesdogs.com, home of Nautique Sky Kennel!  Last Year was a great year for my team with a 16th place finish in the Yukon Quest. Its going to be an even more epic year as we attempt to conquer “The Last Great Race On Earth”, the Iditarod 1000!  Please join our team!  Tell your friends, and tell your family to follow along and be part of something super special and a DREAM I’ve had for 10 years!

Today, , we are kicking off our sponsorship program for this year!  Cruise through the website and learn what we are doing, why we are doing it, what we need and how to help!  Any questions, or suggestions let me know through an email, or comment, or call me!

I’ll be blogging and putting up pics and videos about all the things we are up to at the kennel, and life off the grid in Alaska, as we prepare for our racing season – so check back often.  Can’t wait to have you join our team. Sponsor a dog, buy some booties, or if you are a business, just get involved!

Thanks for following and lets do this together!  Join Nautique Sky and thank you for your support.


27629369_2151094828451712_7248387198844945527_oHeading into Checkpoint 101 after conquering Rosebud and Boulder Summits – Yukon Quest 300 – 2018.

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